18 Aralık 2018

nnt.jpgNnt Token Digital has been working in the field of crypto digital for 7 years, is a Malta based commodity company that enables instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world. Nnttoken are able to be purchased, sold, and exchanged for other currencies. Nnt digital can provide acceptable levels of privacy and anonymity. Users of Nnt Digital own private keys that allow them to prove ownership of transactions on network, unlocking the value to spend it and transfer it to a new recipient. It is a highly beneficial cyrpto system on network and you can believe in it without any question. In the system there are four types of earning methods: 1) Reference Income 2) Monthly Earnings 3) Binary Income 4) Matching Bonus

1) You can invest as much as you like by choosing from our 5 investment packages. Choose from 1-2-3-4-5 Ethereum packages to choose from and then make a payment. All packages you purchase will earn you 10% profit for 12 months.

2) When you add a new member to your system with your reference URL, 12% of that member’s investment amount is transferred to your account as reference revenue and you will earn 20% of reference revenue within 15 days from the date you are a member.

3) With the Binary plan, one of the most profitable sales methods in network marketing marketing method, you can get great winnings in NNT Digital.

4) 10% of the total monthly earnings earned by users who are members of your reference until you earn Matching Bonus.